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Are you really pissing?
Of course. takes too long to type

Which is your favorite state so far?
G - Utah
H - Wyoming

Which is your least favorite state so far?
G - South Carolina Sucks!
H - Screw Ohio!

Who's taking the pictures?
We use a delicate mix of timers and a chick named Amy

Do you do this on busy roads and what if a cop sees you?
Yes, these are typically on busy interstates. We haven't felt in danger yet since there's always been ample room to pullover and be safe. We work as quick as possible and the adrenaline is high. We did have a cop pull up on us in North Dakota, but she just ordered us to get back in the car and move along.

Which sign is your favorite so far?

How did you piss on Hawaii?
Hawaii only has signs welcoming you to it's various islands, "Welcome to Oahu." Welcome to Maui." Only at the airport was there a sign that said what we needed. Thankfully, it was on the outside of the building along a closed parking area.

When will then mission be complete?
When we've pissed on all 50 states.

What will you do after you piss on all 50 states?
I'm sure we'll come up with another winner while we are drinking at our victory party

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